13 May 2009

Just give me time... a lot of it, please

There's a really good idea floating about -- devote one full day to your writing. The original poster, John at Running After My Hat put it like this:

Even if you never lay your fingers on your keyboard, never pick up your pen or handheld voice recorder, even then: can you set aside 7-1/2(ish) hours in a single block of 24 hours to think about, work on, research, accommodate, market, and/or otherwise honor the act and craft of writing? Your own writing, that is, and not someone else’s?And my first response of course was "Yes, I can John! Yes ! Yes ! Yes !"

And, like many of the commenters, both there and over at moonrat where I picked this up, I thought I would do it on Friday, tomorrow, because the day proposed to do it was originally Saturday the 16th but most of us women-with-children types are committed elsewhere on the weekend. But then I realized that I'd already traded my free Friday for a working Wednesday, because I volunteered to ride around with Eldest's class on their bike day. So now it can't be Friday and it can't be Saturday, and our cello concert is on Sunday and next Friday is a holiday.... So maybe I can get to this in 2 weeks' time??


Image credit: Photo J. de Selliers, from the Clockarium, the Museum of the Art Deco Ceramic Clock in Brussels

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  1. 7 1/2 hours out of 24 doesn't sound like much but it's near impossible.....you are one busy woman. Those darn kids take up so much of our precious time :-)