11 May 2009

Ringo at a service station selling flowers

Ah, yes. Monday again. It does keep coming around. I wrote about 300 words this morning and it didn't feel like enough. I think I can do more later during "homework hour" after school, but in that case I have to figure out when to get the groceries. Sometime between leaving the office, I guess, and arriving at the school. I don't want to do it later, I have my writers workshop this evening. I need to come up with an exercise to read as well as cook the dinner. It would help if I were a wee less obsessive about food. Ha. Will someone please invent an html tag for understatement?

I started doing Christopher James's workshop. It's part of the Guardian's poetry workshop series. I've never heard of Christopher James but I like his exercise. You choose a person, a place, and a situation from the lists he has provided. Then you write a poem using those three things. The results article has already been published, if you're curious. I also like his attitude. "The objective," as he says,
is not to come up with a perfect poem. It's to send your writing mind to a place it has never been before. The exercise may produce nothing more than a line that can be transplanted elsewhere. But what's there to lose – except a few minutes from your lunch hour?

Indeed. So. I'm doing Ringo Starr at a motorway service station. He has given up everything to sell flowers.....


  1. This one should be interesting!! :-)

    I have loved your cooking at the holidays! Alex is still obsessed with soup....since the day he made it with you :-)

  2. Thanks Patti, I'm enjoying it! Maybe will have something by the end of the week.

    Re Alex and soup: do you let him make it? I'd love to see a photo of him standing over the stove....

  3. yes, he does help....Katherine is more of my cook tho. She loves cooking and helps each night with dinner. It's been a lot of fun with her in the kitchen.

    I'll send you some pics