05 May 2009

The secret life of a list maker....

I love lists. I looooooooove making lists. I'm sure there's a condition about this. If you know it, send me the name, I'll put it on my resume.

Famously I once told my BF, before he was my BF, that I didn't make lists. I didn't want him to think I was a nutcase, or incredibly anal-retentive, because I'm not. I just like lists. I find them comforting. I didn't think he would remember that little piece of information.

He already knows I make lists now. But maybe the rest of you don't. So in the interests of openness and honesty on the Internet, I'm coming clean today, with 7 lists -- LIVE!-- from my journal.

Ready? OK, here goes.

1. Shopping list from yesterday:
Emmenthal cheese
nuts to put on salad
chicken breasts
white plastic garbage bags
rice cakes
tins of tomatoes
fruit juice in cartons
something quick for dinner

2. Food Diary (today, so far)
1 coffee
1 bowl of cornflakes
1 banana
bowl of Greek yogurt spiked with strawberry Activia yogurt

3. Poems I Just Submitted to My Writers Workshop
Paper Cut
So Tired
Where do poems come from
Thoughts While Making Toast

4. Synonyms or Related Words for the Word 'Cut'
separate, divide, split
reap (reap what you sow)
suffer, suffering, sufferance
sharp, shooting
misery, miserable
smart (you think you're so)
no heart. heartless

5. Various Facts About Paper Cuts
- thin, sharp paper slices the skin
- pain -- stings
- the cut smoothly parts the skin
- chemicals are in the paper (like bleach) that make it sting
- skin closes quickly but the fibers from the paper stay inside
- they don't bleed much because close up quickly ?

6. Writing-Related Sites I Want to Check Out Soon
cinnamon press

7. Current School Waiting List Places Held by Eldest for September
- Athenée Charles Janssens: 16 (up from 29!)
- St Boniface: Only 2 in front of us now!
- Uccle I - holding steady at 80 (up from 162, expecting update at end of May)
- Notre-Dame des Champs (don't ask)

There. Feeling all listed-up? Feel free to share your own lists in the comments.


  1. my lists are only To Do Lists:

    laundry - on going :-) was hoping to hang it outside but it may rain again today

    CVS (mothers day cards and prescription filled)

    Post office to mail those purchased cards

    1230-110 Centers in Katherine's Class

    call dentist to make appt

    315pm Gymnastics

    Call Homeowners Assoc for tennis court keys

    Watch Dancing with the stars

    A full day and it's already 11am and I just got out of the shower... I am very optomistic that I will accomplish all items on my list. It might have helped if I actually got ready this morning instead of going back to bed :-)

    Everyday I have a list....or else I wont remember all the things I need to do.

  2. Hi Patti -- I like that you put Dancing with the stars on your list! Do they say "Keeeeeep dancing!" at the end, like they do over here?

  3. no, Tom Bergeron (sp?) is a pure comedian during the show but no fancy saying at the end.

    Your mom got me hooked on the show. When we are in FL visiting, we stop playing cards to watch each dance...the guys dont particularly care for the interruption :-)hehehe