14 May 2009

Survey says...

A local paper, the Vlan, is doing a survey ("sondage") about the infamous school inscription madness (see previous rantings about this here, for starters). It asks, "Has your child been the victim of the inscription procedure?"

As of this posting, results were....

Oui, on attend toujours une place!
(Yes, we are still waiting for a place!) - 39%

Oui, nous avons servi de cobaye
(Yes, we were used as guinea pigs) - 29%

Non, mais nous avons échappé de peu au cauchemar
(No, but we escaped with little from this nightmare) - 17%

Non, notre enfant est inscrit dans l’école de notre choix
(No, our child is signed up at the school of our choice) - 13%

Elsewhere, I have it on reasonable though unofficially-confirmed authority that there are now 1000 students without a school, and 750 multiple inscriptions. That leaves a gap of 250, but that makes sense because there are probably some really crap schools that have places left.

It is looking better for us -- our latest stats are at the bottom of this post.

Image from homeroomteacher.com. But no apple for education minister Christian Dupont (or his little cronies)!


  1. I can't see your standings....it's asks for a username and password

    Where do you stand?

  2. grrr, google is being a pain in the a** ! You should be able to click on the link and see my post from last week (the one about the lists, most recent school info is at the bottom of it). But I've had similar trouble sharing google documents with people who do not have google accounts. Hm. I'm going to have to complain! And consider moving the blog off the blogspot host, if this keeps up.

    I will try to find a solution.... In the meantime you'll have to go back to 4 May's post. I understand completely if you don't want to register with google!

  3. 'pooters do what you tell 'em to do