07 May 2009

True Love Notebook

It appears to be an artist day (see the one I did earlier), though I didn't mean it to be. I just started a new notebook and I was going to show it off, because no matter how much you need your PC, it's the notebook you love truly.

And I love my cheerful, stripey petal Orla Kiely notebook!

(You're going to have to make do with the link, because OK's website wouldn't let me copy the image.)

But I had no idea that Orla Kiely was an entire fashion label. I thought she -- assuming the name wasn't made up, like Haagen-Dazs -- simply did a fun line in stationery. Well I was wrong. She's got clothing, bags, accessories, house and stationery. And a shop in London (hmm...). And a very enticing complimentary offer, with any purchase of a Multi Flower Check Book or Shoulder bag, a complimenary accessory. Here are 2 designs the site let me copy...

... Well, what do you know. It's so much more than notebooks!

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