19 June 2009

The difference between prose and poetry

Pursuant to a conversation I had with the BF last night, I was going to post a poem that would clarify the difference between prose and poetry, and help him get over the obstacle he has about line breaks in free verse poems. I found Tom Leonard's 'This is thi six a clock news' in my Penguin anthology and thought that might do it. When I got to Leonard's site, however, I was delighted to find
100 differences between poetry and prose

where Mr Leonard has done all the explaining for me.

It is not a long poem so please read it, you won't be disappointed.

Hint: I cannot decide whether my favourite line is

poetry has four wheels, two wings and a pair of false teeth


poetry is all the juicy bits in the juiciest order

The end is absolutely perfect.

PS I'm posting the '6-a-clock news' one as Poem du Jour in the sidebar.

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