25 June 2009


Is it a coincidence that the word 'languish' shares most of its letters with the word 'anguish'?

I think not.

I am languishing in the office on the most beautiful summer day. All I can think of is



Not sure yet in which order.

I tried to "claim" this blog on Technorati, but no result after an hour and what felt like a zillion "site experiencing backend problems" notices. Note to Technorati: maybe you should change "backend" to "back office" or something less ... rearish? In any case, it does not bode well for a site with "techno" in its name.

And the minutes tick by...



  1. Time is a funny thing. It definitely doesn't go at the same speed all the time. My grandmother was Jewish. She was the first in her family to marry a gentile. That icecream looks very yummy.

  2. It is an authentic photo of our most famous local ice cream place, which for some reason is called Zizi (French kiddie slang for penis). I can report that I was later able to indulge myself in 2 scoops, vanilla and melon. It was heavenly.

    Re your family: that's the kind of situation I'm exploring.... Can I ask you some questions about it via email?

  3. Yes of course. I think my email is under my comments? I don't know much about my family history but it is a fascinating subject, exile and diaspora.