08 June 2009

My journal: live and largely unedited (1st week of June)

3 June

(pm) I have 20 minutes to write 300 words. OK. Go!

(later) Is this the key to time? You don't find it, you make it?

4 June
(am) I am wide awake at 6 am, so got up and did yoga until 7. First made some notes as head was full of ideas. A little manic, I'm getting. Coinciding with the arrival of the solstice? Scary thought. The yoga helped. Trying to stay calm. Breathing. Remembering to breathe.

(later) At Youngest's flute lesson. Need a nap. Want to get a second wind. Word count will be shot to hell unless I do 300 words tonight.

5 June
Sitting, waiting for the bus, shivering, wearing 3 layers including raincoat and turtleneck. Clearly insufficient. Sun, can you please come back now?

Managed to get 300 words in before having to leave for appointment. If I do about 500 words later, I will have made this week's quota.

Finally new school waiting list stats were posted by Uccle I. We are now at waiting list place 69, 11 better than last time. Will check the other schools later this month -- another letter has been sent out by the government group known as CIRI, which is supposed to help force parents who have more than one bona fide place to make a decision. This system is utterly vile and everyone should know that it is vile socialists who have created it. I see their red election posters at the bus stop every morning. All the candidates are smiling because their kids are not affected. Vile. They wear the mask of red death and call it humanity.

6 June
Hallelujah, I had a breakthrough, and started to write a scene. I'd been making a lot of notes -- much needed -- but I knew these were not the real thing. Then a couple of days ago I typed, "DESCRIBE THE PLACE, ALREADY!" I knew I had to describe the setting, from a character's viewpoint. I don't know why this was so difficult. What in the world am I fighting? Anyway so I started the scene. Is writing a book really like this?

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