24 June 2009

School stats update - as of 23 June

St Boniface: 1st on the in-commune waiting list. We are just waiting for a phone call, hopefully in early July.

Athenée Charles Jansses: 12th on the in-commune waiting list. Who knows, we might still get a place here.

Athenée Uccle 1: 69th on the out-of-commune waiting list (and shame you cannot see the detail of this building; it has separate entrances for 'garçons' and 'filles' with the words spelled out in the arches of the doors).

Notre Dame des Champs: We are so far down the list, and there is so little movement on the list, I have stopped phoning. The bastards won: my girls will be split up. Do the politicians care? No. Can the school do anything about it? No, apparently I am not influential enough.

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