16 June 2009

A Smartish Place to discover

Isn't it amazing, the web is such a limitless source of info and goodies. You think you've seen all there is to see but you haven't. There's always something else out there.

Today I found a goodie called Smartish Place, a Baltimore-based independent literary magazine run since 1999 by a group of dedicated volunteers and interns. I found them via a poem on Poetry Daily. That's the cover of the latest issue over there.

SP runs a great feature called Poets Q & A, where a featured poet takes questions from SP readers. Among the ones who have participated so far are Bill Hicok and Eavan Boland. Sherman Alexie is up next... Have to admit I have never heard of him but he sounds interesting. Writes for young adults as well as poetry, and if his website is anything to go by, is pretty prolific.

PS I liked this poem from Issue 10: I Must Admit by Clarinda Harriss.


  1. 'The web is such a limitless place' - yes indeed.

    My pal Dominic Rivron just said -

    "This is one of the things I like about blogging - it's unpredictability. you start off writing a post about monkeys in literature and end up researching heavy metal music and the Hair Bear Bunch".