09 June 2009

Submissions guidelines I can live with!

"The Fine Print" from Anti-
We are open for submission throughout the year. Be sure you’re a reader of contemporary poetry. We love simultaneous submissions as long as you notify us if a poem is accepted elsewhere. We consider translations if you can provide the original version as well (and we will consider exceptions for good reasons). We ask for first serial rights, and copyright remains with the author. Anything that has appeared in an online or print journal is previously published. Posting drafts to an online workshop or blog is not previously published provided they’re removed prior to submission. Anything the editor can Google is previously published. Please do not send work more than once per six months unless we request otherwise. Don’t ever send revisions of work still under consideration. Please feel free to query if you do not hear back from us within two months.

Why aren't more poetry journals like this, online and off?


  1. I see from your comment at The Whale and this post that we have similar concerns (interests) with respect to literary journals. I think the editors are gradually coming to accept that the world is changing and with it the balance of power. Today I found a journal that was asking for 'contributions' and posting 'contribution guidelines' instead of asking for submission and posting submission protocols. They won my instant respect.Hope you are having a wonderful day,

  2. Wow, Paul, where'd you see that?

  3. Magma Poetry. I think it is quite significant. Journals can be seen as a collaboration of writers and the job of the editor as a facilitator of that collaboration. A small change in language from 'submission' to 'contribution' but as writers, we should see the words used as significant, I think. I sent Magma a couple of pieces straight away.

  4. Did you know of Magma before you saw that? Because they (imho) have a good track record for this kind of thing -- or at least I have that impression. I agree the word shift is significant. From the writer's end, the submissions process is completely submissive. You beg the "higher-ups" to take your piece... To frame the relationship as participatory rather than hierarchical makes a big -- and refreshing -- difference.