19 July 2009

Something to do, a good thing to do

I don't know about you but there have been times in my life where I've felt an instinct to act, to do a certain thing without really knowing why, but just feeling that it was the right thing to do.

Well, someone I know, that I once or twice in "real life" met briefly but otherwise through the Internet, is very sick, and pregnant.

She is so ill that the baby will be delivered by Cesarean 10 weeks early, so that she can have intensive chemotherapy.

Her name is Honey and she has a blog and has been writing about these things. (You can see a bit of her most recent post on my blog roll, to the right and scroll down.)

When I first found out about what she was going through, and read her very first posts, I just felt such a mixture of emotions: that it wasn't fair, that she'd been through enough, that in spite of these tings her posts were filled with lightness, warmth and humour...

I wanted to send her all the Weleda products I could find and call everyone I knew to find some preemie baby clothes.

For the past few weeks there's been a "chip in" on the blog, to raise money for extra care and special treatment.

Twenty-three contributors have raised a little more than $3,000, meeting the initial goal of being able to bring a homeopath from Ireland to Wales, to see her through the birth of her baby. (I understand that a lot of people dismiss this sort of thing but if you are one of them you might consider reading about her experience. Also read more about Gerson therapy, if you like -- including its most famous patient Albert Schweitzer.)

Anyway the fundraising ends this week, on July 25, and I just think, if anyone feels like they could help, even just a little.... This is one of those times where just a little could make a big difference to someone, to a friend of a friend.

I can't help thinking, it could be me, it could be my family, it could be any of us.

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