21 August 2009

Back to school... the anti-climax

No, we aren't quite back to school yet but the other day I received a call from one of the schools we'd been wait-listed at for all of last year, telling me that Helsinki (oldest daughter) has a "fortement" chance of getting in there. I was a bit ashamed to have to say we'd already enrolled in another school. I apologized and fobbed it off as having happened "right before the holidays". But actually I did it on purpose. I was curious to see if we'd get a call or not, having been no. 169 on the "hors-commune" waiting list. (That means, we were not in the same commune as the school.)

It was nice to know we would have had a safety option. I am still getting emails from the "Angry Parents" group, which still seems unable to come up with anything constructive. Surely there is not much to complain about now, if those of us who were 169 on the hors-commune lists are getting phone calls. They'd be better to come up with a coordinated plan for future enrollments, instead of wringing their hands about this year's "rentrée." If it doesn't prove to be the disaster that they predict, they'll lose any credibility they have gained...

School photo credit: CopID libre non marchand © 02/2007 Alm & Walk Galerie
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  1. Helsinki? Great! :-) Martin x

  2. Yes, thought it was a good name for her. Credit to you for coming up with it.