18 August 2009

A bit of fun for the end of the summer

Arvon (Lumb Bank location shown above) is running a Seven Day Summer Challenge. Winners will be published on the Arvon blog and five winners will receive surprise books, so why not get cracking?

The Arvon Seven Day Summer Challenge

Take a blank sheet of paper. Write for ten minutes non-stop. Do not stop at any point. If you can't think of anything to write, simply write that - "I Can't Think What To Write!". After ten minutes, stop. Read your writing. (Enjoy being surprised about what you write.) Then pick your favourite sentence from your writing. Highlight it. Keep it safe for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, write yesterday's favourite sentence at the top of the page and repeat what you did then, starting with that line. Again, after ten minutes, stop. Read your writing. Pick your favourite sentence. Keep it safe.

The next day, start with yesterday's favourite sentence and repeat, and so on...

After seven days, you will now have your Seven Favourite Sentences. Assemble these as a poem or a short prose piece and email to competition@arvonfoundation.org. We will present the best on the Arvon Blog and five winners will each receive surprise books. Submit your writing by September 1st.

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