11 September 2009


My google Reader is overflowing with posts. These are all posts to blogs I have subscribed to, for one reason or anther decided I must read, and must have enjoyed at one point or else I would have deleted them (I'm quite good at that).

So tell me, then, why am I finding it hard to stay interested now?

Because it's not like these blogs have changed (unless that's the problem. But I don't think it is). For whatever reason, I read, consistently, two or three blogs and that's about all I can take in (and comment on, too). The ever-increasing unread posts of the others, I just ignore, thinking I'll catch up with them eventually. But will I really? I doubt it. Yet I like them, and want to support them. I don't want to unsubscribe and bring their stats down. I'm sure I can't be the only one in this situation.... What do other people do about this? Dear Reader, what would *you* do?

Image: Too Much Information (Self portrait with Twitter), Art quilt, 26" by 28", by Susie Monday


  1. I enjoy your blog J, it gives me insght into your world, your thoughts! I look forward to seeing what you have to write so no, I will not be deleting your blog...I only follow two and my other one has very very minimal posting (about twice a month). I enjoy your regular posts! Thank you!

    If I wasn't interested, I would try to let it go. I've realized if I am not into something, it's a waste of my time and it feels like I'm braindead on the computer (FB is getting to that point and I've tried to delete my account, but there are those out there who ask and ask over and over again to come back so they can see my updates, keep in contact and see pics of my kids.

    Maybe you still enjoy the blogs but you dont have the time it takes to go through them all.

  2. Ha! 516 posts on my blog reader as I write this. I am about to knock out a bunch of well-subscribed blogs that are sort of interesting but not really gripping enough, and a few small blogs that, well, sorry, just can't keep my interest. It's a shame to have to do it, but it's like a closet - if you don't clear it out occasionally you have no room for the clothes you actually wear. Which reminds me... closet overdue for overhaul...

    I think it's the start of the school year that reminds us we only have a finite number of hours in the day. Or maybe we're just fickle souls with no staying power. Either way, I can't easily cope when my blog reader goes over 400.