14 September 2009

Recipe for today

1 shower
1 large coffee
2 children (woken up, teeth brushed, hair combed, faces washed, breakfasted, suitably dressed for the weather, with backpacks)
1 trip to supermarket
20 minutes of yoga
10 minutes of frustrated searching for item of your choice: keys, agenda, mobile phone, clean shirt or blouse
5 hours of day job
10-15 minutes of worry when one or other of children does not phone you on their way home from school
1 walk home
1 phone call to cello teacher
1 phone call to change hour of horseriding lessons
1 hour catching up on email
1 dinner to make
1 cake to make
30 minutes x 2 of instrument practice
30-60 minutes x 2 of homework
2 baths
4 wet towels
More coffee, as required
Or wine, if after 7
Either very good book or very bad television

Take the first 6 items and do them, more or less in order, before 9 am. Kiss the children and send them to school. Optional: walk them to bus stop. This depends on how guilty you feel.

Proceed with next 6 items. You will have until, roughly, 5 pm. Cram the next 7 items into the next 4 hours. Lubricate with last 2 items, as you see fit. Top with last item.

For good measure, add several minutes of worry over (pick one): money, lack of career, the noise the car is making, how long it has been since you took the children to the dentist.

Don't forget: the leaky faucet, the keys you need cut, that you are out of milk.

Let all of it rest overnight et voila.... tomorrow you can pretty much do it again.


  1. you put daily life into such a funny list...It's so darn true tho.