08 October 2009

IAQ No. 23: Can you make poems happen?

Can you make poems happen? Or any writing, for that matter? I think you can, to some extent -- you can bring yourself to the table; you can bring yourself to the page for 5, 10, 15, etc minutes; you can take a deep breath and see what happens. You can, as with the theatre, suspend your disbelief. You can stop telling yourself that you're no good, that you have no time, that you're going nowhere, that what is the point. Those old sand traps. You can decide to enjoy yourself, you can listen to your own advice, the advice you give your children: who cares what those other kids think? Those people in your life who are so full of 'shoulds' for everyone else.... Well, so what. As if. So there.

That's all for the moment.

Image: my own, the sidewalk on rue Rouge outside Park Wolvendael, the morning of 7 October.

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