26 October 2009

Infrequently Asked Question #3: So, how's the writing going?

Wow. So glad you asked! As a matter of fact it feels like I've hit a plateau, only not a flat one, but a stretch of path that is so bloody steep I have to wonder if this mountain thing isn't just a metaphor. I'm out of breath. I'm literally climbing. I've got hiking boots on and thick ugly socks and a stick in one hand, to help me. I'm thinking that I've got to change those socks. I'm thinking that my thighs must look fat in these shorts. Any minute now I expect to see something scenic, but that minute keeps coming and the next one and the next one and still no glorious feeling. Where is Maria singing "Climb Every Mountain" when I need her? Maria, please come and find me. Maria, please come and remind me why I think writing is my favourite thing.

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