07 October 2009

Mother Bear

I am in the kitchen again,
cooking again.

By the time I am done I think I will have cooked

– Except duck à l'orange. No one likes duck à l'orange.

– And Peking duck. No one cooks that.

Okay, so nothing with duck,
but some things I have cooked so much,

I could cook them asleep standing up.
In fact part of me is sleeping

even as I speak. It may not be
immediately obvious,

but here is the part you see,
stirring, seasoning, chopping,

and there is the part that is sleeping
oh so far down

in my mother bear bed,

as the mother bear sleeps:




dreaming of the red berries
that grow in the deep dark woods.


  1. do you have any fabulous recipes to share? We are in a rut again over here at the Cook household. Nothing sounds good!!

  2. Well, since you ask, we've been making chicken parmesan every week for the past few weeks.... The girls like it sliced, cold, too, on baguettes for sandwiches to take to school. Here's what you do: take a couple of chicken breasts, one egg or just an egg white, fresh grated parmesan cheese. Heat some oil, olive oil probably best, in a big non-stick skillet. Also, pre-heat the oven to 350F/180C. Beat the egg or white a bit, in a bowl or dish, with some salt and pepper. In a separate bowl or dish, grate the cheese and add some paprika. Pound the chicken breasts flat with a meat hammer or a tin of tomatoes (or something like that). Then dip each breast first into the egg and second into the cheese. Press the cheese against the chicken. When the oil is hot, pop the chicken breasts into the pan and sauté until brown on both sides. It won't be cooked on the inside though, so then pop the chicken into a dish into the oven. Squeeze lemon juice over and cover with foil, and leave it in the oven for at least about 20 minutes. ..... You can have this 'as is' with just about anything although yes it is very good with tomato sauce and pasta. Let me know how you get on!

  3. I am going to skip the egg step for Katherine's sake...she would be in the hospital if I dipped the chicken in egg!!
    Sounds Good.

    What other recipes are you enjoying these days?

  4. Hm, you probably still need something to help the cheese stick to the chicken, it falls off enough as it is... Maybe brush the chicken with a bit of oil.

    The other thing I've been making lately (it's the season!) is zucchini bread -- check out the smitten kitchen website, I got the recipe from there.

    Otherwise, well, the girls are pasta-hounds so it is pretty much variations on that theme, alternating with variations on a theme of rice. Steak, rice and peas is pretty much a winner. Oh yes, they will also eat guacamole till the cows come home!

  5. You could try a thin layer of honey to make everything stick

  6. Hey, Anon, that's a good idea, but in that case I would substitute breadcrumbs or matzoh meal for the cheese...