12 October 2009

Scary... and more scary

This weekend was very social, unusually for me, because whenever I think I might have free time I automatically think that I will write in it. That's because I am more ambitious than people think. I used to be ambitious and I'm pretty sure people could see it, but once I had children a cloak of invisibility descended, and now they have no idea. It probably doesn't help that I am pathologically unable to feed my children crap food and let them watch too much tv, both of which are vital for a woman who wants to get anywhere after motherhood. I'm working on it. The socializing was good, however, because naturally, I should get out more. I may even be inspired to have people over. I know... Scary. Even more scary, Lichfield and I decided to rearrange the bookshelves Sunday evening. No, let me rephrase that. I fancied moving the bookshelves and Lichfield gallantly helped me. Result: by 10 pm the entire living room was rearranged, and 1 Ikea bag and 3 Delhaize bags full of "excess" are now in the hallway, waiting for me to weed through them. And now I covet this:

only in red, and either this:

or this:

I really don't know what is the matter with me.

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