30 October 2009

Trick 'r Treat

Well, that's how we used to say it. Maybe I should spell it like Flickr... As in, Trickr Treat.

Anyway, just in time for Hallowe'en I bring you a goodie bag of recent finds on the Net:

First off, Guernica, a blog and magazine of art and politics -- a mixed bag of photographs, poetry, fiction, features, interviews. Maybe you already know it, but I just found it. Worth a look.

Then there's a real gem: Walk While Reading, a beautiful "tumblr," which in case you don't know (as I did not know) is a type of microblog, falling somewhere between a traditional weblog (like this one) and Twitter, on the blog spectrum. WWR features photos and quotes from and about writers and writing, but this description in no way does it justice. Go and see for yourself.

Next, some excellent advice on keeping a writing project alive (from David Hewson, via @jeremyduns)

And another gem of a writer: John S O'Connor's posts on Harriet, the blog of the Poetry Foundation (in the US). According to his bio page, John S O'Connor is an English teacher at New Trier Township High School in Winnetka, Illinois and the author of Wordplaygrounds: Reading, Writing and Performing Poetry, and Room Full of Chairs, a book of haiku. My favourite post of his so far: The Tree Inside My Head. The other posters on the blog are a bit hit and miss but John's I want to read every time he posts.

And finally, my friend Vincent has started blogging, his first post went up the other day. Will he go the way of some other friend bloggers (Tonnie? Leila?) Or will he go the distance? Dip into the goodie bag and find out....

Trick or treat, everyone!

(P.S., these kids are not mine, but I like that black lippy. Also, I miss those plastic pumpkins. And the little black plastic strap that bit into your palm by the end of the night.)

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  1. Trick 'r Treat is also the name of a scary movie. Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!