30 October 2009

True or false?

when it comes to books, "boys compete with boys and girls compete with girls, like the Olympics." Much as I'd like it to be otherwise, this is demonstrably at least somewhat true. And no matter how many times some writer–female, always–writes a piquant, well-reasoned op-ed about this phenomenon, it will remain true that carefully observed, quietly funny, romantic stories about friends, love, work and families will be marketed and reviewed as "chick lit" or "literary chick lit" if they are by women and as "coming of age stories" or "astute psychological realism" if they are by men.

-- Emily Gould in What Are Women Fighting About?

Or let's put it this way: Why doesn't the NY Library Association sell a book bag with Philip Roth, Jay McInerney, David Foster Wallace, etc on it?

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