14 November 2009

Almost a bagel, unbelievably expensive, our own little festival of glitz

1. We have been LOVING a certain loaf of bread called a "trio" at the local Deli Traiteur... It is a clover-shaped loaf and each "leaf" has a different seed: sesame, poppy and caraway. The texture of both crust and loaf is the closest I've gotten to a bagel since I last took the Eurostar from Waterloo station, where some franchise used to sell them. (Now that's a story someone should look into: what's happened to Waterloo station since Eurostar moved out? For all the hype at St Pancras, and it is a darn good station, I bet there's some businesses that have since, sadly, closed up across the river....)

2. Went shopping at the local mall - or The W Shopping, as someone apparently calls it. I don't like malls and I don't like shopping, but we needed some stuff and we could some discounts there if we used a credit card. And you know, it wasn't half bad in terms of parking, crowds or anything. There were some lovely things on offer, too. But soooooo unbelievably expensive. I could not find a decent young girl's coat for less than €120. By decent I mean made of some material that will actually keep the child warm, not fall apart after one winter's wearing and no sparkles, spangles, faux fur, or Miley Cyrus logos. (I'm one hard-ass mother, aren't I.) Some beautiful items in Mer du Nord.* Covetables. But my god. Who can afford it?

3. Came out of the "W" into the pitch dark. Still not used to that. Fortunately, there is Strictly Come Dancing to waltz, jive and foxtrot us through the pitch, even though this season has got the most dire set of Z-list celebrity dancers known to Strictlykind. Still. A bit of swish and glitter is good for the soul. It's almost like a festival of glitz, and right in these darkest hours when we most need a reminder to Keeeeeeep dancing!

* I am not giving link because their website is completely useless and annoying.

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  1. There is a bagel place in Saint Gilles called "Au pays des Merveilles". I haven't tried it myself, but I hear it's good.

    Good luck finding a warm coat. Perhaps second-hand stores might be useful? I need to hunt one out myself.