21 November 2009

Commit to a project. One hour a day. Stamina.

This is some of the good advice from Ed Docx, one of the two excellent tutors I had at the Arvon course. Like all the best advice, it is simple. And like all the best advice, it makes clear where my troubles stem from...

Number one is that I want to do it all and I am afraid that if I don't, something bad will happen. (Like what? I don't know. Something totally unfounded, like I won't be able to write anything if I concentrate on one thing. Which is really stupid all or nothing thinking. What it really means that, of all my "good ideas", I finish nothing. Is that what I want to happen? No, it isn't.

Number two is that I struggle to find an hour each day. But I'm getting better. I find 15 minuteses. I can live with the fact that the work I am doing may be affected by this. I will deal with that later. I am building up my...

Stamina. We've all heard this before: the writers who get published are the ones who did not give up, who showed up at their desk every day and put one word after another, who did not take 20 publisher's noes (yes that's the plural of no) for an answer. Stamina.

I like to think to myself that I've done some things that needed stamina, before. Have I really used all my stamina up? No, I don't think so.


  1. On this same theme, see this--


  2. Jeanette, I know exactly what you mean. My response has been to begin seeking for that thing that I'm so excited about I willingly devote every minute to it. It's out there somewhere. I know from past experience that I ALWAYS have time for things that are important to me, and that conversely, if they're not, literally chaining me to my chair would not work. Good luck.