06 November 2009

Coupons, yellow trees, and packed lunch

1. Delhaize, the local supermarket chain, sent out a motherload of coupons including ones with mega-extra points for dishwasher detergent, laundry liquid, and chocolate. I am so on this.

2. Some sort of tree, I don't know what kind, is changing colour: the most beautiful, golden yellow. Does anyone know what tree it might be? Like this one:

3. I ate the salad I brought for lunch even though I was tempted to go out and buy something. I'm proud to say I've been bringing a lunch to work since September this year. By my estimations, I'm saving at least €25 a week, which I then of course feel totally justified in spending on myself.

cool lunch box credit image here, website to buy it here


  1. another great day!
    coupons a bonus!
    Tree is beautiful and lunch boxes are really cool!

    I can't see the leaves on the tree real well, but you could search tree leaves to see what kind of tree it is. I love fall color changing

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