30 November 2009

From our house to yours...

Thanksgiving Lunch Menu for 10, Belgian-style

Soup of Two Squashes (inspired by Smitten Kitchen's winter squash soup,
but with 1 butternut squash, 1 potimarron (cousin to the pumpkin,
the national squash of Belgium), and a couple of potatoes.

cute, non?

1 6.6 kilo Roast Turkey (soaked in brine à la Nigella)

Gingerbread Stuffing
(inspired by Nigella, using Delhaize pain d'épices
plus extra odds and ends of bread, and far less bacon;
finished off by removing from bird cavity and baked in oven)

Roast Potatoes

Celeriac Purée

Cranberry Sauce

Red Cabbage

Peas Sautéed with Onions

Maple Cream Pie (from Smitten Kitchen)

Brownie Cake


Scattered Raspberries

(Martin very thoughtfully photographed the desserts!)

To finish off the evening:
a little

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