10 November 2009

An now for something completely different

We're going to try something new here on ceci n'est pas une cuisine: I'm going to post a novel, a work-in-progress, in fortnightly installments.

This is the novel of another Brussels-based writer, Andrea Rees. She's completed one novel already ("a huge learning experience") and has very graciously agreed to post her second as she writes it, right here on this blog. We've discussed the pros and cons of doing this (as you might imagine), and will make clear now: it's an experiment, it's a work in progress, Andrea's work remains Andrea's work, but we want to see what happens, and we would like your feedback.

How it will work is, a new chapter or part of a chapter will be posted here every other Tuesday. It will look just like a regular blog post, with the possible exception that if the text is very long I may link it to another web page. If that happens you will be cued with a simple link such as "continue reading" -- and you would simply click on that link to get to the rest of the story.

And once e-reader technology becomes more prevalent, believe me, I'll find a way to make this e-reader friendly.

You'll be able to comment as on any other post... Constructively, we trust. For example it would be good to know if you enjoy the story, if you want to hear more, or if something doesn't make sense, things like that. We can talk about this sort of thing more later, as the story develops.

As for the story itself, it revolves around Odete Ramalho and her two adult daughters Jacqueline and Hope, their relationships, and their secrets. I don't really want to say too much more about it..... Suffice to say that the first part of chapter one will be posted next Tuesday, November 17 -- hope to see you here!

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