02 November 2009

Pimping your own life, bike-thieving bastards, and no such thing as a free room

I am sitting here (upstairs that is, in the alcove where my desk is) wondering how people feel about personal blogs. Is it OK to sell your loved ones out, "anonymously"? Are you pimping your personal life for the sake of blog statistics, or are you not? Just wondering. I suppose these kinds of blogs get lots of readers. I suppose that as the drama mounts, so do your subscribers. And your kid/your spouse/your business partner will never find out, right? So it's OK.


It's the first day of a week of school holiday. I also had the day off. We discovered Helsinki's bike was stolen from the bike room of our building. The bike room was broken into two weeks ago, for about the 200th time. I was surprised to see Helsinki's bike gone -- must have been slim pickins. Our bikes generally survive the thieving bastards. I doubt the insurance covers the bike and in any case the deductible is more than a new one.


In a little while I'm off to the writers workshop, also known as the Writers Workshop of Ever Decreasing Members, and now the sour little lady from the Café Imaginaire wants to charge us €25 a night for the use of her dour little room. As if. She has no other customers on a Monday evening, never turns on the heat for us or seems in the least glad to see us, and we generally spend a fair amount on drink each time we meet. I am in favour of telling her where to stick her €25, but cooler heads have prevailed and we may attempt a negotiation of sorts, or at least a congenial ending to our relationship. In the meantime we are looking for a spare room to meet in....

Your suggestions welcome.

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  1. I can see how Pimping oneself could happen if one is writing for the sake of shock value, and using prurient details to generate interest. But that doesn't work for long. I imagine what is of value isn't easy to write though. Writer Michael Chabon, who is married to writer Ayelet Waldman did an interview recently in which he said "The stuff you know for sure is working, that's gonna connect, that's the stuff that makes you uncomfortable as you write it." I guess the writer's intention is the difference.