01 December 2009

A showcase of literary delights...

...which I found via Scott P at Me and My Big Mouth. People are always sending him stuff -- you know, I'd be happy to help him with some of that, if it's getting too much to deal with. Scott already showcased this handbag (US: purse) from The Literary Gift Company but it is so fab that I want to show it, too:

That's the Principles of Genetics book handbag, in case you're curious. How about an inside view?

Yes, a little blurry but you can tell it's cool. 100% cotton lining. It has now been officially added to my list of Covetable Items.

On the other hand, the George Bernard Shaw Correspondence version is also very tempting:

Classy, non? The handles on the Genetics one are better but GBS has red lining!

On the jewellery front, there's the Banned Books Bracelet:

(Special hint to Lichfield: stocking stuffer.)

There are also book cover posters, Greek scrabble cuff links, and other tempting lit-treats in all shapes and sizes. So thanks to whoever sent Scott the Haruki Murakami quote pin!

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