02 December 2009

Two Happy Accidents - And One Could Be Yours!

I recently ordered all of the books I was encouraged to read before my Arvon course, namely those of the tutors and the special guest reader. Better late than never, eh? Well, one of these books was by tutor Tiffany Murrary and its title is Happy Accidents. And when the order arrived I discovered a happy accident had indeed occurred, for I accidentally ordered 2 copies instead of 1.

What to do with an extra book? Sending it back is so boring.... not to mention what that would do to Tiff's Belgian sales spike. So I've decided to do the first ever official ceci n'est pas une cuisine prezzie/prize drawing. All you lurking readers out there, be brave and leave a comment telling us what is your favourite book -- and I mean your honest favourite, highbrow or lowbrow -- and I will do a drawing and send one lucky reader this extra copy of Happy Accidents. Woo-hoo! Drawing will take place this weekend so make your comment (one each, please) by midnight on Friday.

PS It is a fun, funny book!


  1. AAAGH it's so hard to say which is my favorite book - there are so many, so many... pulling at random from my brain, Possession by A.S. Byatt is A favorite because of the poetry, the dual-time concept and the structure - you HAVE to look at the structure of that novel, it's superb.

  2. Of course if I win you will have to mail the book to the States... :D

    BTW what relevance did the book have for your course? Or was it just away to increase Ms Murray's sales? Just wondering.

  3. I agree with Jane, there are so so many! But if I had to pick, I would have to say Perfume by Patrick Suskind. I love historical stories and this one was incredibly gripping!

  4. Jane and Everyone, I will post the book to WHEREVER YOU LIVE IN THE WORLD.

    The book had no relevance to the course, it was just to be familiar with the tutor's work before we got there, if we chose to do so. Most people had not, in fact, read or ordered the books. I'm not sure it would make any difference: teaching is not the same as doing. (For example, Nathalie Goldberg. She's written one of the best and best-known books on writing. But who has read any of her novels or poems?)

    This I thought would just be a fun thing to do with the extra book....

  5. AB says Leave me alone, by Vincent Eaton.