18 January 2010

A matter of focus... And some fun with gloves

I don't know if anyone noticed (besides Lichfield, bless you sweetie) but I am not posting as much as I was. I'm working on non-blog material and, contrary to what I thought when I started blogging, the two don't mix well for me. "When you're blogging you're not writing," a writer friend said to me recently, and I have found this to be true. It is a matter of where to focus and I have decided to turn my focus elsewhere. Not that this blog will languish, wither and fade.... I hope to encourage more Brussels writers to participate, and bring a range of their work, their thoughts, and the odd recipe to the blogosphere.

In the meantime I am immersed in auditioning gloves for an other collaboration with my friend Vincent. (As a follow-up to Button!) So what do you think of these?

I like them, but V thinks they are too sparkly. Shall we beg to differ?

What about these green ones?

They are much greener in reality.... tarty apple green.

And these...

.... These are my favourites. They feel like chocolate. They are glove Godivas.

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