30 March 2010

The Best Neuhaus Easter Eggs

Lichfield my darling darling darling gave me my ballotin of chocolate goodness well in advance of Easter this year, so I have had plenty of time to research which colours are the best. The results are in, and I can now reveal THE BEST Neuhaus Easter Eggs in plenty of time for you, me and everyone to get more while supplies last.

The contenders are:

dark green: dark chocolate with vanilla cream

dark red: dark chocolate gianduja*

gold: milk chocolate with caramel

light blue: milk chocolate with speculoos

light green: milk chocolate with praliné of almonds

light pink: milk gianduja*

orange: dark chocolate with praliné biscuit

purple: pure milk chocolate

red: dark chocolate with strawberry

silver-grey: pure dark chocolate

silver-white: pure white chocolate

turquoise: dark chocolate with praliné nougat

yellow: milk chocolate with crème brûlée interior


In Third Place, for consistent satisfaction every time, it's silver-grey, pure dark chocolate.

In Second Place, for a delightful change, it's the newcomer, in yellow, milk chocolate with crème brûlée.
And in First Place, because I have to lean back and close my eyes in pure pleasure whenever I eat one, it's the gold, milk chocolate with caramel.

I would also just like to say thank you to all contestants, it was a difficult decision but someone had to do it.

* Gianduja is a (smooth) blend of hazelnuts, almonds, chocolate and sugar - a cousin of Nutella, you might say.


  1. Well, as I've only tried one of them I'll have to take your word for it.

  2. @ Staffordshire man: Don't let me stop you!

  3. Love your blog on this subject :). Darn it, Neuhaus is only about a 2 minute walk away...

  4. OH STOP IT. I've never appreciated Belgian chocolate so much since I moved to the Land of Hershey.