15 March 2010

Lovely little francophile blog

I was googling for Petit Marseillais products the other day – you know, the ones with the stripy boy logo

and found a lovely little francophile website and blog. The website is called Basic French and sells all kinds of French products to a US audience – things that are "beautiful, functional and typically French." I can vouch for that ... you can buy Cif on that site (the French equivalent of Soft Scrub) and Côte D'Or chocolate (that's we use!) and tisanes (herbal teas) from the supermarket chain Carrefour (not sure why those are there, to tell you the truth, when you can get Celestial Seasonings). But anyway. It's a sweet little site for any of you curious Americans out there.

The blog is called I Heart Lyon, and is written by Carol, an ex-New Yorker, who lives (as you might have guessed) in Lyon, with her two daughters, and runs the Basic French business.

Personally, I was tempted to try to get this cute t-shirt, but sadly she's only got it in small kids sizes....

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