02 March 2010

On-line novels are where it's at!

Just to let you know, we're taking a short pause here with Odete, Jaqueline & a Little Bit of Hope by Andrea, basically so that Andrea can catch her breath. We'll resume in a couple of months. In the meantime, if you've gotten used to reading a fiction online, I just heard that Fiona Robyn is posting her new work, Thaw, on-line, one day at a time for the next 90 days. The posts take the form of the diary of Ruth, who is "32 years old and doesn't know if she wants to be 33..."

Start reading here, with Ruth's entry for the first of March.

(via Scott Pack)

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  1. can't wait for Odete to return but in the meantime, I shall read "thaw" - thank you!!!