23 March 2010

A week of very dull lunches, for which I am ultimately rewarded

It was a long week last week. First there was the cauliflower soup and tomato couscous...

... sitting there like two old friends, one with a handle, one with a spoon. But they didn't have much to say to each other, it turns out. And why is it that every time I make couscous, I think I'll like it, but I never do?

Things improved slightly ...

... with the creamed spinach with pasta and chicken. The chicken was good (recipe in this book) but altogether it was just a bit... functional. Or was it me, wishing I was elsewhere?

Maybe it was.

Maybe I was wishing for something more like this:

Yes. That's what I was wishing for. More of this, please.

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  1. Between me and you: perfect glove territory, methinks....