17 April 2010

The museum that time forgot

We visited the African Musuem yesterday (official title: The Royal Museum for Central Africa). I love that place. It's old-fashioned, full of diaramas with type-written cards and no electronic interaction, and heavy wood cases of specimens. I spent a lot of time in the fish room,


But there are far too many closed corridors...

.... where surely so much else could be displayed. (Although yes, these empty wings add to the ambiance.)

Stuffed baby lion, anyone?

I keep hearing rumours of renovation (or innovation) but I hope they are not true. I love this place in all of its early-1900s era splendor.

1 comment:

  1. we would be walking around with our mouths on the ground. That looks AMAZING! Very Cool!

    Was this the place of the elephant pictures?