01 April 2010

My life in a bowl, continued

It was a short week this week, plus, I made the major error of trying to avoid eating pasta and ended up eating emmenthal cheese with mustard, tomato, and mixed sprouts on baguette for two days (and was so hungry, I forgot to photograph it). However Monday was leftover blanquette de veau*, which I managed to reheat in the microwave without curdling the broth, but no one at home was as thrilled with the dish as I was, so we may not be seeing it again soon.

* I used, more or less, the NY Times recipe linked to, with the following alterations: added an onion studded with 3-4 cloves in the initial step; didn't have pearl onions so just skipped them; used crème fraiche instead of the cream at the end and A LOT LESS OF IT. It is delicious, no matter what Lichfield says about cloves.

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