12 April 2010

You come across one sometimes

You come across a one sometimes

In the middle of a journal entry

Write three pages of drivel

And a little nugget pops-


Poems never pop

They seep to the surface

They slither in slow motion

If you have the wit to

Pick it up quietly and place it

Carefully on a page

It may take

Spread a little over the lines.

Rush it or

Try too hard

Like a dream it disappears

Back where it came from.

Leaving you feeling cheated.

Don’t listen well enough

For the poems these days

Miss most of them.

They don’t care, they don’t need you

But they can make a day-

Or even two-

Like nothing else, if you find one.

– Where would you find a poem ? by Loretta Fahy (Thank you Loretta for letting me post this!)

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