06 May 2010

A few words about submitting

I like writing more than submitting. I like writing even more than getting published, hence my abyssmal track record in sending out submissions. Getting published is a little like getting divorced: one minute you aren't, the next you are, and you've got something on paper to prove it. There's a moment of recognition/exhilaration, followed rapidly by disappointment: oh, I'm still the same me... But with the writing, with every new piece, there's still that I-don't-know-what-this-is feeling, and the chance that whatever it is, it will come out perfectly. However, it has to be said that only submitting compels the ultimate editing, that walking the razor's edge between keeping things in and taking things out, between wanting to be clear yet not giving everything away. So at least there is that. That's no small thing, really.

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