03 June 2010

Outrageous Delhaize magazine mark-up!

Another Brussels-based post, sorry, bear with me here. But even if you don't live in beautiful BXLS, this will maybe give you a taster of part of life here (for the foreign-born resident).

I was shopping in my local Delhaize recently and happened to spot this Jamie Oliver magazine:
Now, I like Jamie, and Lichfield gave me a copy of one of his cookbooks and it's pretty good, and the magazine seemed full of interesting recipes. So I picked it up and scooted off to check-out. As I waited in line, I happened to notice the price. €7.50 ! I couldn't believe it ! I looked down at the bottom of the cover for the small print and saw it was priced at £3.99 - 3.99 British pounds at today's exchange rate is 4.77 Euros. So what's with the extra €2.50? OUTRAGEOUS.

But it's not only at the Delhaize, as we all know... it's at Waterstones, it's at Librarie de Rome, it's everywhere. The thing I can't figure out is, who actually buys these overpriced magazines???


  1. Brits desperate for a taste of home? I've given up on print magazines anyway - the articles get very repetitive and there are too many ads. I hope you put it back on the shelf!

  2. That's how much I pay for my copy of Empire over here too. Not much we can do about it except not buy it, or wait until you pop back to the UK for a visit, or get a visiting friend or relative to bring it over for you, which I do whenever I can.