17 August 2010

Dare I Say It

I am back.

It is now mid-August and rainy, a spell of weeks we must wade through before we get Indian summer, if it deigns to come.

Outside my office window, the chestnut tree is full of bright green chestnut clusters. These weren't visible two weeks ago, when I was last here.

My office is very quiet, as is the building. But there were more people out and about this morning, and more traffic, when I went for my run, and my mailbox was full of advertisements for school supplies.

The season turns....

Helsinki took a bazillion photos this summer, and has taken them all with her on her camera to music camp, so I can't show you anything until she comes back.

I left Clover at home with a friend today, granting them full access to my shoe closet. There are some pairs I swear they have worn more than I have. Soon I shall go home and make something for supper involving minced lamb, and have a poke around for something thick to read. I have just finished 'The Historian' by Elizabeth Kostovo (good summer reading, in case you're looking), and am hovering now between Bitter Lemons by Lawrence Durrell, Summer Lightning by PG Wodehouse, and the dozen other unread books on my nightstand. Any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. These keep in my head:

    American Adulterer by Jed Mercurio
    American Rust by Philipp Meyer
    The Given Day by Dennis Lehane