15 September 2010

The great and the small

Lichfield did a wonderful, generous, small thing for me this morning, but it made such a difference.  Isn't it amazing how such a small thing, in and of itself, be such a big thing, at the same time? What he did was wake Clover up and make sure she got out of bed and prepared for school...while I went for a run. It is too dark now in the mornings to run at 6.30 am.  There is too much traffic to run at 8 am (I run on the street, because the sidewalks are ankle-twisting, uneven, knee-ruining cobblestoned horrors). Between 7 and 7:30 is perfect, but that's also the time Clover needs to get up and let's face it, she still needs a prod.  It does not involve a lot of work --  mainly, waking up a 10 year old child who is fairly amenable, though sleepy; she does the getting dressed, etc, herself -- but the timing is crucial. Since I started running in the mornings, it has made such a difference to my sanity. But with the daylight dwindling I've been struggling. And it is so very hard to be in two places at once.

 photo source - This is not me so don't get all excited.

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