23 November 2010

Day 23: Sometimes, thick is good

I was minding my own business, hacking my way through the last 14,000 words of NaNoWriMo, when what should show up in my letterbox but a mysterious plain white envelope. Reading the return address I remembered: I'd made a poetry submission back in the haze before November. I studied the girth of the envelope: definitely more thick than thin.

Bummer, I thought. They're returning my manuscripts. It's a rejection.

But I opened the envelope anyway and a covering letter slid out. "Dear Writer," the photocopied form letter read. "Congratulations!" It was not a rejection after all. It was an acceptance! And an acceptance of not only one but two poems – something I did not realize for a couple of hours.

The envelope was thick because it was stuffed with promotional leaflets. So let that be a lesson to us all: sometimes, the thick envelope brings good news.

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