25 November 2010

Day 26. Onwards and upwards

I just went over 40,000 words so that means 10,000 left to go, in the next five days (I am counting today, it's still early).  I am SO TIRED. But some very wonderful people have hopped over to my fundraising page and kindly and generously donated, and I am so heartened by this support that I am pushing onward and upward. Want to help give me a push over the top? In case you missed it before, donations help the people who run NaNoWriMo bring free creative writing programs for kids and adults in over 500 cities and towns, 3,000 classrooms, and 200 libraries every year. In 2009, more than 35,000 kids and teens in 1,200 classrooms worldwide took part in National Novel Writing Month's Young Writers Program. Can you spare $10 on your credit card? Has a book ever changed your life?

And if you can't, well, I've been there and god bless you. And for those of you in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving! I already had my turkey and some kick-ass sweet potato pie curtesy of Jamie O. Come to think of it, there's still a bit of it leftover in the fridge. Did somebody say "second breakfast"?

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