10 November 2010

Ed never said it would be this fun!

I was walking to the office this morning and thinking about my story and it came into my head that this one character has to be a certain way and want certain things and wouldn't it work so well to have him be a brave French guy instead of (as they are often portrayed) a collaborator or wimp, and then this would happen and that would happen and wow, where did all that come from? It happened with another character too. Things I had no idea about when I started, just started rolling in. It was like a row of dominoes falling, click-click-click-click-click. And it felt great! I thought, "I have no idea how this happening but it is so cool. Ed Dockx never said writing a novel would be this fun!"

Of course I have no idea if it will hang together in the end, or if it's ultimately all so obvious, or whether I can create tension and all that blah. Can't think about that now. Will deal with that later.

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