25 March 2011

Move Post Mortem

I thought we'd lost Clover's swimming kit, but it turns out it stayed at school thoughout the move. Lucky it. I cannot find my grey sweat pants, nor can I find the two wireless gizmos that we didn't need before but probably need now. I don't know why people keep looking at me to find things.  I keep moving from box to box, picking up objects then putting them down somwhere else a few meters away, not necessarily where it belongs just hopefully closer. It's a little like being a goldfish, as I sometimes can't remember what I started out to do, so I turn around and go back the way I came. And then I remember, or at least I think I do, so I turn around again the other way.
This afternoon is the first time I've sat in my "office". Nothing is set up, only my desk and laptop and a lamp and the printer off to one side. I suppose I have saved it for last like a form of dessert. I would like to start writing again on Monday. Is that too much to ask?

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