04 May 2011

Nice one

This morning as I was crossing a sidestreet, one of those overinflated, big shiny Audis made a left and parked right smack over the pedestrian crossing, right in my path as I was walking. So I came up to the driver's door as she got out. I said, in French, "You've parked right on this crossing!" She said, in English, "I know, I know, sometimes you just have to." And started to scurry away across the street.

I called after her, "Yeah, you have to, like when it suits you!"

Because sometimes it's just so awful to have to park where it doesn't endanger pedestrians.

Because sometimes you just have to go to the juice bar across the street.

The car had Euro plates, similar to this one:

These Euro-plate people aren't the only jerks culprits in this town but this kind of thing sure doesn't endear them, or the institutions they work for, to the rest of us.

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