16 August 2011

Annual Muddle

The annual muddle has descended. This is the time of year when, fresh off a holiday, I realize anew that my usual routine is in tatters and will stay that way until September. I have not done matters any good by reading the class member updates in the most recent alumni magazine. Am tempted to write in myself: "Jeannette Cook (CLA, '89) still has her health, thank you. And she can bake a mean cookie. Otherwise she has not only spectacularly failed to excel in her chosen field, she is unable to commit to a particular field for longer than it takes to grow disillusioned with it. She looks forward to stalking the streets of Ixelles in her later years, frightening babies and small dogs." Yep, that should just about do it.

As I write this there is a just-past-full moon outside and it is very very quiet. It is possible Clover has fallen asleep with the light on in her bedroom. We watched the first episode of Gormenghast this evening - what a strange creation that is! It held C's attention though; maybe I can get her to read some of it later. Maybe I will read some of it later. I'm on a David Mitchell kick right now - finished The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet, and am now re-reading Cloud Atlas. Was thinking how I might be able to use its folding sort of structure in my own work. Hmm. Can I actually get my muddled self to this desk and do some work? Mwahhahahahaaa. Watch this space.

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