17 September 2011

Poems on the Metro!

Just heard about this – 

Beginning 26 September, the European Day of Languages, a variety of European poetry will be displayed in the Brussels metro. 

The project will run for a month, and features 21 poems from 21 European countries in 18 languages. Poems will appear alongside a translation in French and Flemish. 

This is being brought to us by Transpoesie, a project whose partners include STIB (the local transport authority), the House of Literature Passa Porta, the Polish Presidency of the European Union.

Names I recognized from the list of poems on Transpoesie's website were Sinéad Morrissey and Ryszard Krynicki, but the project's press release says that includes both aspiring and established poets. 

Pretty cool and about time - London's Poems on the Underground has been running for years. Now, if we can get them on the trams and buses too? 

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  1. Great stuff. Maybe foreign lanuage poems for the London underground too?