20 October 2011

Consommé 2

The pot went into the "outside fridge" last night and, as I feared, this morning I had consommé jelly. Despite having jellified, all the fat seemed to have risen to the top, unlike the last time I made stock and the fat never separated from the rest of the liquid. It was very strange, and the reason why I haven't done this since. It was disgusting. But with this batch the fat was obvious (and copious), and I scooped it off with a spoon and threw it away.

I'd left some of the stock inside in another bowl and that, too, had separated nicely. There were nice swirly paisleys of fat on the surface of the liquid (not having been put outside, this one hadn't jelled). Skimmed that right off.

I may put it all through a muslin one more time once the jelled batch comes up to room temperature. I used some of the inside batch in a risotto just now - it needed salt, as I hadn't added any at all, but not much. A little salt brought the flavour out very nicely.

One thing that surprised me was that even after simmering for hours, the meat and chicken from the pot were not inedible. I used a simple boiling chicken and pieces of beef that looked like shin (there was meat and bone, I kept the meat on the bone) that were labelled "à bouillir". All came plastic-wrapped from the local GB, no special butcher, no fancy breeding, nothing! (The GB is the local supermarket. I have no idea what the letters stand for.) Again, all that was needed was a bit of salt. Maybe because I kept the simmering very very low, so did not boil the absolute hell out of everything? Who knows. But it was a nice surprise after a long day when, although I'd been cooking up a storm, I really hadn't properly eaten anything.

To be continued...

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  1. GB = Grand Bazaar. See how I have added to your knowledge. xxx